Marketing move or decent casting? Amos Tamm and Rotem Sela are rivals on the set

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Last night we reported to you that the hot actor Amos Tamm Cast in the new drama series of Assi Azar Hot, “sweets” and he will play alongside the main star in the series Rotem Sela which, as mentioned, was also cast in the series.

Although many of us were expecting a romance between Sela and Aviv Elosh from the series “To be with her”, this is not the case this time, because there will not be a romance between Sela and Tamm, because instead the actor will play a character belonging to the gay community for the first time in his career. But the casting in question not only does not contain a potential romance, but will bring together two competing Chilvas on one set.

The section did one and another and remembered that Amos Tamm and Rotem Sela are the two most prominent enemy presenters in Israel of two huge competing companies. Tamam is the presenter of the “Hapoaleim” bank, while Rotem Sela is the presenter of the competing bank “Discount”. There is always competition between the two.

According to fears in the advertising agencies, Discount Bank made a smart marketing move when it cast Rotem Sela in its ranks. So is this a matter of coincidence in the casting of the two competing presenters for the new Ezer series, or a carefully planned step in favor of titles of the above type?

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