Masci to the doctors: “We need you” –

by time news “We need you. Own of you. Now”. Mayor Carlo Masci he writes a letter-appeal to family doctors: «Show once again your very high civic and humanitarian sense by making yourself available to the health authorities to help carry out vaccines, guaranteeing all patients the highest degree of professionalism». A heartfelt invitation that doctors are ready to accept. He says it openly Silvio Basile, doctor and representative of the Smi (Union of Italian doctors): “We are ready to vaccinate our patients even at home”. Now the official status of the Region is expected: there are doctors, vaccines are missing.
Masci’s letter praises doctors and “the invaluable social role that goes beyond that of health workers”. The mayor continues: «We have passed from mass screening, in which your irreplaceable contribution was not lacking, to the first phase of vaccination, with the numbers, timing and spaces we know. We must push on the accelerator and make the qualitative leap that will allow us to arrive prepared and efficiently for the large-scale vaccination phase, which will arrive as soon as the full supply of doses is ensured ». Masci asks doctors for commitment: «It is necessary to be ready now to be very ready later, in the last mile of this race for health that has left victims and suffering behind, and which has shown us how weak we are in the face of such events. You possess an inestimable wealth of knowledge not only scientific but also of your individual clients; you have the professional resources that you deploy in small and large illnesses; you have skills gained over the years in books and daily in practice ».
But the journey, even the mayor well knows, “is neither short nor easy”: “For a year we have been fighting against a sneaky enemy like Covid-19 that we cannot defeat and to which we can only give the definitive stop with mass vaccination and achievement of herd immunity. The goal is clear, we now know how to get there, but the way to go, we cannot hide it, is neither short nor easy. The difficulties are many, even from the logistical and organizational point of view ». Difficulties that doctors have been reporting for months. “But”, Masci concludes, “we are capable of finding the strengths and energies in ourselves and we will all be infinitely grateful to you”.

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