elleEenne, the new web series to learn while having fun.

The relationship between children and the web, unfortunately complicit in the increasingly frequent news stories, has been at the center of a debate for some time that sees opposing different theses, including the idea of ​​banning the use of smartphones by law for children under 12 .

The lowering of the age of first access to the network, its pervasive diffusion, the increase in exposure time, which with the lockdown phase has reached records never touched in the recent past and also the existence of objective dangers on the web, they rightly alerted parents, families and educators.

For ‘La Casa Rossa’, a young Roman film production house, the challenge of a safe web at the size of children and young people can be won by focusing on education and conveying – with the language of the little ones – the right messages in products for hoc, designed exclusively for children aged 5 to 10 with a strong pedagogical value.

It is with this aim that the “elleEenne” web series was born, which will be released on 9 February, coinciding with Safer Internet Day and two days after the day against bullying and cyberbullying, in a special YouTube channel. There are many children’s videos that are popular on YouTube: challenges, vlogs and daily routines. But the main objective of this new series is to create a “safe” channel that differs from the others, that brings fun in total tranquility, but above all that is able to transmit small educational concepts to children, even within a playful context.

Thanks to simple gags, elle E enne (who in life are Luca Cloblizch and Natalia Gemmano, two young actors who grew up in the mini-clubs of tourist villages) teach the little ones not to open the door to strangers, to keep up to date with everything ( especially what happens in social networks) their parents, not to respond to messages from strangers and to fight to the end to achieve their goals.

“Learning while having fun” was the main line that was taken into account in the creative process that characterized this new and imaginative web series able to stimulate the innate creativity of children. And to do it in absolute safety: for this reason the entire production phase, from the texts to the settings, was supervised by a team of educators, psychologists and web experts.

elle E enne will have to prevent a bad scientist (the Scientist) from taking possession of all the toys in the world and they will do so with courage and prudence, always urging their little spectators to have ‘protected’ behaviors, not to accept challenges (online challenges who have unfortunately been the protagonists of tragic episodes) that are not pure play and fun and always and in any case inform parents.

From an idea of ​​La Casa Rossa, the direction of the web series is entrusted to Niccolò Gentili with second director Fabrizio Rossi. The authors are Luca Bellesi and Fabrizio Rossi.



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