Mass distribution scandals: LIOT deputies welcome the association In all frankness

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2023-12-11 22:41:00

REPORTAGE – Martine Donnette and Claude Diot, former traders and authors of the investigation 418 billion: mass distribution fraud with the complicity of elected officials and the administration(studio Talma, 2021), were received, this Monday, December 11, 2023 at the National Assembly, by several deputies from the LIOT group (Liberty, independents, overseas and territories). They received members of the Citizen Coalition, a group of collectives, which fight against the anti-democratic excesses that we are increasingly seeing in France.

Martine Donnette and Claude Diot are the founders of the association In all honesty, which warns against the privileges given by mayors, prefects or other members of the Administration to large stores to set up in defiance of the law. From this meeting with members of the Assembly, they hope that they will be able to take up their multiple files and hear their main request: that traders can have the right to file complaints against elected officials. Indeed, today, we cannot take legal action on disputes between citizens and large retailers. Donnette and DIot were themselves fined €3,000 in the past for having filed a complaint against the elected representative of a municipality. We met them before their meeting at the National Assembly. More than ever, they are demanding “access to justice for all”.

To obtain the book by Martine Donnette and Claude Diot, click ici.

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