They demonstrate in their pajamas to get more night trains

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2023-12-11 23:01:47

Sunday evening, at Montpellier station (Hérault), the Oui au train de nuit collective welcomed with song the train linking Cerbère (Pyrénées-Orientales) to Paris, scheduled arrival at Austerlitz station the next day in the early morning. With this night line, three others are resuming service these days: Paris-Berlin, Paris-Tarbes and Paris-Aurillac.

Local elected officials, environmentalists but also traveling citizens, around forty of them have donned pajamas and night caps to call for the redeployment of night trains. “After being declared unprofitable in 2016, many lines were abandoned, including Paris-Cerbère,” regrets Claire Serrurier, an activist from Perpignan from the start. “Thanks to financial support from the Occitanie region, the line was able to be restored but only partially: the train only runs during summer periods and weekends. Now we have to make it a daily routine. »

VIDEO. “It’s sport!” »: behind the scenes of the Paris-Lourdes night train in the middle of the August 15 rush

An alternative to planes and cars, as well as a good way to travel economically: “I have to be in Paris early for my work. This saves me from having to pay for an additional hotel,” says Marie-Paule as she boards the train with her 60-euro ticket. Dijon, Nancy, Metz, Nantes, Quimper, but also Milan, Amsterdam… The collective lists the cities to be served, “and not only from Paris! We need transversal lines.”

Since the promise made by Emmanuel Macron to open ten new lines by 2030, the collective wants to believe in it despite the investment that this requires “with nearly 600 sleeper cars to be renewed”.

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