McCann in the head: The epic advertising competition is back, and these are the winners

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The McCann Tel Aviv advertising agency tonight (Tuesday) won the overwhelming majority of the prizes in the Epic (Advertising Effectiveness) competition, which returned after two years of restrictions due to the corona crisis. Together with Tnuva for the launch of the ALTERNATIVE brand and its transformation from a vegan niche product to a lifestyle brand for the masses, this move also won Tnuva the gold award in the beverage category. McCann finished the competition with eight gold medals, nine silver medals and 10 bronze medals.

The category considered in the competition is the Epi Platinum category which measures marketing moves over time. The gold medal in the category was won by TERMINAL X together with Peach content and Gitam BBDO. The medal was awarded for the launch of the site and its becoming a factor that challenges the international trade sites in the domestic market.

The silver medal in the category was won by Delta together with the advertising agency Adler Chomsky for the move “How we moved the pajamas to the front of the stage and redefined what pajamas are.” In addition, Adler Chomsky won three gold medals and two silver medals – a total of six medals. Gold for Delta works, Procter & Gamble (power braid) and for yes and silver medals for Pelephone and the Shanti House.

In the bronze medal in the Epi Platinum category, Reuveni Friedan and Mizrahi Tefahot won for the work that branded the trust as the bank’s main asset. Reuveni Frieden won five medals: gold for Yad Sara, additional gold (except for Platinum) for Mizrahi Tefahot, gold for 2, and bronze for HOT.

Gitam BBDO won the Buffy Platinum Gold for the move of Terminal X and in addition 2 silver medals for Bank Hapoalim.

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Menz won two medals: a gold medal and a bronze medal – an impressive achievement in relation to a small medium-sized firm. Glickman Shamir Samsonov won a silver medal and LEAD a single gold medal. The Blue Cow advertising agency shared a gold medal with Pink Kaplan and a bronze medal with McCann Tel Aviv. Blink shared a bronze and gold medal with Gitam.

The 2021 Epic Ceremony was led by the Marketing Association, the Advertising Association and the Israeli Center for Management (MAIL).

69 moves reached the final

The Epic Competition is an international competition held in over 50 countries around the world. This is the 20th year that the competition is held in Israel, when 69 moves reached the finals and competed in 20 different categories.

The moves were rated by a team of about 70 judges, including marketing executives, advertisers, PR people and academics. R. The competition.

As mentioned, Tnuva won Buffy Platinum and also won the Gold Award in the sectors category with McCann with the move: In addition, Tnuva won the Golden Award in the marketing category in a time of crisis, with the move: “When you identify the needs of Israeli families in time, you succeed in giving real value and enjoying an image increase.” The move was made in conjunction with McCann and Blink.

Delta, which won the Buffy Platinum, won another award at the Golden Award ceremony in the beauty, fashion and grooming category, with the move: “Returning to the comfort zone: how Delta invited women in Israel to break free from the shackling bra, stop making it interesting and celebrate comfort.”

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Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, which won third place in the Epi Platinum category, won another award at the ceremony – the Golden Award in the Business to Business category, with the move: “Strive harder, grow more: By businesses in Israel, especially during the Corona period. “

Additional winners announced during the evening:

● Kimberly-Clark and the McCann Advertising Agency won gold in the Data and Personalization-based moves category with the move: “Dad, Mom, DATA!” Toiletries and Pharm with the move: “The power of a leader: Huggies ‘pulls up’ and creates a new segment in the diaper category that becomes the brand’s growth engine.”

● Yad Sara and the advertising agency Reuveni Friedan IPG won gold in the category of social and public activity – associations with the move: “The move that gave the country air to breathe: Israelis donate NIS 13 million to the soul machines for Sarah.”

● Partner Communications and the advertising agency McCann won gold in the digital products and automation category with the move: “Think outside the box (of the converter): this is how we created a new TV product that Israelis really need and recruited 12 times more customers than the leading competitor”, and also won gold in the Media Innovation category with the move: “Stay Home & Stay Relevant: This is how Partner conveyed a personal message to M2.5 Israelis and managed to strengthen loyalty, without paying a penny.”

● Altshuler Shaham and the advertising agency LEAD Ogilvy won gold in the finance category with the move: “Israel is waking up to its pension – how did we manage to wake up Israel’s dormant pension market?”.

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● Osem-Nestle and the McCann advertising agency won gold in the food products category with the move: “Eat the cracker and leave it intact – this is how Osem created dramatic growth in the crackers category under its control.”

● Tadiran and the advertising agencies Boroda Kaplan and Blue Cow won gold in the category of electrical appliances, electronics and household products, with the move: “The transformation of Tadiran: from an Israeli brand to a lifestyle brand that controls the weather.”

● Dor Alon and the advertising agency Manch won gold in the retail category with the move: “It’s a super writer, but it’s a super success!”.

● P&G and the advertising agency Adler Chomsky & Warszewski won gold in the category of social and public activity – business sector with the move: “How did we harness 87,500 women to donate a ‘braid of power’ for women with cancer in Israel?”.

● Domino’s Pizza and the advertising agency McCann won gold in the services, leisure and leisure category with the move: “Domino’s compliments the Maafan member who does not flow on pizza and gets back a 24% jump in sales!”.

● yes and the advertising agency Adler Chomsky won gold in the communications and media category with the move: “Everyone in yes + now – how we created a strategic turn in yes and made it the leading streaming player in Israel.”

● Yad2 and the advertising agency Reuveni Frieden IPG won gold in the real estate and infrastructure category with the move: “The Yad2 portfolio portfolio revolution – how we connected with the young audience and broke the traffic records!”.

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