Mean Girls Day: Celebrating with Free Movie and Tina Fey’s Annotated Script Auction

Mean Girls Day: Celebrating with Free Movie and Tina Fey’s Annotated Script Auction

Title: Celebrating “Mean Girls Day” with Free Movie Streaming and an Auction of Annotated Script by Tina Fey

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Los Angeles (CNN) – Tuesday marks the annual celebration of “Mean Girls Day,” a day dedicated to the iconic 2004 film that has become a cult classic. Fans of the movie are in for a treat as Paramount has made the film available for free on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

“Get in losers, we’re celebrating,” declared the official Mean Girls Day announcement. The movie, divided into 23 parts, can be enjoyed by fans on TikTok throughout the day.

The recognition of October 3 as Mean Girls Day stems from a memorable scene in the film, where Aaron Samuels asks Cady Heron about the date, to which she replies, “It’s October 3.” Since then, fans have embraced the day as a special occasion to honor the film and its impact on popular culture.

In addition to the movie streaming, fans have another exciting opportunity to celebrate the holiday. Tina Fey, the creator of both the Mean Girls film and the subsequent musical, is auctioning the annotated script of “Mean Girls the Musical.” The script includes Fey’s personal handwritten notes and sketches, providing a glimpse into her creative process during the making of both the original film and the musical adaptation.

The lucky buyer of the script will also receive extras, including a sketch of the character Mrs. June George, played by Amy Poehler in the film, with Fey’s comment expressing admiration for Poehler’s iconic portrayal. Other handwritten notes by Fey sprinkled throughout the script provide amusing insights, such as “You’re nearly done reading this” and “Jesus Christ, this script is long.”

This unique auction has attracted attention from other A-list celebrities in Hollywood, Broadway, and the West End. First editions of their works, including Richard Curtis’ original “Love Actually” script and an annotated rare edition of “The Vagina Monologues” from V (formerly Eve Ensler), have also been donated for the cause.

The auction for Fey’s annotated script will continue until October 6 and can be accessed on Fans and collectors alike have a chance to own a piece of Mean Girls history and support a great cause.

In the meantime, Mean Girls enthusiasts can enjoy streaming the film in its entirety on TikTok and revel in the comedic brilliance and memorable quotes that have made the movie a timeless favorite. Mean Girls the Musical is also set to hit the big screen next year, further solidifying the lasting impact of the iconic film.

Whether participating in the free streaming festivities or bidding on Fey’s annotated script, Mean Girls fans have plenty of ways to celebrate their love for the movie and indulge in the magic that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


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