“Mega storm” hits southern Russia and Ukraine

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The “storm of the century” or “mega storm” as it was called by the media has already reached southern Russia, the Crimean peninsula and the occupied regions of Ukraine.

In Sevastopol, more than 500 marine animals died when the local aquarium was flooded in the storm.

In the region where the seaside resorts of Sochi and Anapa are located, hundreds of trees and many of the metal structures on the beaches were knocked down by gusts of wind that reached more than 140 kilometers per hour.

In Crimea, giant waves broke over highways. One person died and 10 were injured. A day off was declared due to bad weather and a state of emergency in several regions of the peninsula, which was annexed in 2014.

Ukraine also suffers from the effects of bad weather. A snowstorm left more than 2,000 communities without electricity and blocked highways.

Forecasts indicate that the bad weather, with precipitation and strong winds, will continue until Wednesday.

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