Meta redoubles efforts to prevent infiltrations regarding the upcoming US presidential elections.

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2023-12-01 17:56:29

Meta warned this Thursday that there are deceptive online campaigns from China that aim to influence the 2024 elections in the United States and other places in the world and therefore, this year, it closed five such networks that seek interference in the abroad.

“Foreign actors who are a threat are trying to reach people through the Internet ahead of next year’s elections, and we must remain alert,” warned Ben Nimmo, head of the global threat intelligence department at Meta, the technology giant. owner of the Facebook and Instagram networks, when disclosing its latest security report.

Meta stated that it eliminated 4,789 fake Facebook accounts that were part of a campaign that published comments about US policy and bilateral relations with China.

The accounts praised China, attacked its critics and copied and pasted real posts from American politicians to increase partisan divisions, according to the report.

“As election campaigns heat up (in the United States), we expect foreign influence operations to try to capitalize on authentic debates rather than creating original content themselves,” Nimmo explained.

Meta traced the origin of the networks and determined that they are based in China, but did not attribute their activities to the government of the Asian giant.

Meta’s security team anticipates that these efforts to influence next year’s presidential elections will include false “leaks” and will expand to other social networks, blogs, conversation forums, in addition to serving as a base for operations through the explosive extension of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, such as the ChatGPT application.

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In any case, Meta considers that the most prolific source of this type of network continues to be Russia, with operations based there that seek to consolidate support for its invasion of Ukraine and the support of Western countries for this neighboring country against Moscow’s troops.

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