Miri Bohdana reveals: “Our relationship was catastrophic and I got pregnant”

Miri Bohdana reveals: “Our relationship was catastrophic and I got pregnant”

Miri Bohdana (Instagram photo)

For years, quite a few people in the industry, including Miri Bohadna’s fans, wondered about her relationship with Bebo Kobo. Now, the presenter is writing with rare openness about her husband and the father of her children, who is 25 years older than her, as part of her activity on Lasha Magazine’s Instagram page, and there are quite a few things to learn here

Bohdana wrote: “Bebo my love, in the beginning our relationship was catastrophic. I was very, very young, immature. You don’t live in Israel at all. It was a transatlantic connection and we saw each other a little. I wanted commitment and you didn’t know if you could meet it. You didn’t know how to guarantee me the anchor I needed. So there were a lot of separations and a lot of difficulties.”

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She added: “But then I got pregnant with a son, and we realized that we were going to be a family, and from there everything opened up. The relationship took a turn and we suddenly became quiet and calm. It’s like no matter what happens, I’m not going anywhere. There will be explosions and fights, but we’re here to stay Not only because of the children. Because you are the person I have fun with. I understand you without you speaking, can read you like a map. There is attraction and there is love, and it’s amazing. People say ‘how are you attracted’. And I am attracted, because love has no age And attraction has no age. I’m attracted to your charisma, kindness, delicacy and also your coolness.”

At the end she wrote: “We have to maintain it. We have to be very open and very talkative. We sometimes argue about nonsense, but never loudly. of the second and want to give the children an example that there are problems and they are solved. You are a very involved father, very concerned, more than me. Gives enormous love. There is no such father. Tap tap, God willing we have been together for 20 years. My life.”

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