Modern techniques boost tomatoes in Cankuzo

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2023-11-27 10:16:30

Tomato cultivation in Cankuzo, a booming sector: Thanks to modern techniques and seeds from Tanzania, tomato cultivation in Buhumuza is experiencing remarkable growth, aligning with the national economic strategy.

Buhumuza (Cankuzo, Cendajuru commune), November 12, 2023 – In perfect harmony with Burundi’s economic policy, oriented towards agriculture and trade, the agricultural monitor of Nyamugari hill reported that tomato cultivation is becoming more and more profitable in their locality. This success is attributed to improved cultivation techniques and seeds imported from Tanzania.
The prices of tomatoes at the Nyamugari market experienced a significant drop in November 2023, being more than 50% lower than those of October 2023. This decrease is mainly due to the abundance of rains in November, which prompted local farmers to harvest their tomatoes earlier than expected for fear they would rot on the vine. As a result, markets were flooded with tomatoes.

Sources : Nahimana P., Monday 27 November 2023 | Photo: Jimbere

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