Mullaperiyar: 10 shutters opened in Mullaperiyar without warning. 8000 cubic feet of water flowed per second.

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Mullaperiyar Dam, First Published Dec 2, 2021, 6:29 AM IST

Mullaperiyar: Ten spillway shutters of the Mullaperiyar Dam were opened in the morning. The shutters were raised 60 cm apart. The water flow was about 8000 cubic feet per second. Locals allege that the Tamil Nadu spillway shutters were opened without any warning.

This is the first time so much water has been released this season. The locals staged a protest at Vallakkadavu against the unannounced notice. The rising water level along the Periyar coast is also a cause for concern.

Tamil Nadu has reduced the amount of water released by the protest. Nine of the ten shutters that were raised closed. The openings are raised 30 cm apart.

Peermede MLA Vazhoor Soman said that ten houses in Kadassikkad Atoram and Manjumala Atoram were flooded. The yard of 12 houses was flooded. He said an all-party meeting would be held at 11 a.m. to organize protests.

Meanwhile, the CPM staged a protest at Mullaperiyar Vallakkadavu. Tamil Nadu was protesting against the opening of the shutters without warning

The Kerala government has repeatedly asked Tamil Nadu not to release water without warning. With advance notice, the government can take precautions, including relocating people.

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