Nacho’s outrageous entrance; where are the explanations?

Nacho’s outrageous entrance;  where are the explanations?

2023-10-01 14:07:54

Barcelona”Ancelotti is a gentleman. He said that he did not understand Nacho’s action and that it had surprised him a lot, that he was asking for our forgiveness. It is a very harsh tackle, it has no reason to be and it does not look good,” he explain Míchel in the Montilivi press room. The Real Madrid player’s attack on Porto happened with a minute left in the game, with the score 0-3, and ended with the striker in hospital. It’s impossible to justify Nacho’s entry because it’s unjustifiable and Real Madrid haven’t even tried. The only interlocutor is Carlo Ancelotti, none of the players speak after the games because that is what the club has decided – that is, Florentino Pérez –, who follows his pulse with Javier Tebas. The coach regretted what had happened and called his captain’s behavior a “lack of lucidity”. And Nacho? Well, he closed the matter with a short message on his Instagram account hours later: “I want to apologize to Porto for an involuntary action in the game. Neither today nor in my entire career have I ever intended to harm no one. I hope you can get well and get well soon.”

He must know which wire he crossed to enter the plank, with his leg up, but it is clear that the action was not involuntary even though he did not mean to hurt. The absence of explanations, his inability to step forward and come out in front of the cameras, aggravates the situation and leaves him in a very bad place. It wasn’t that difficult to come out and apologize, just like Carlo Ancelotti did. The noise on social networks comparing Nacho’s aggression with other entries to assess whether it is more or less serious is a futile exercise typical of eexelarious fans; a world of males bent on being the alphas who don’t listen to reasons, especially if those reasons don’t even exist. The image of Real Madrid, which worries Florentino Pérez so much, is also damaged and the progressive bunkerization of the club he presides over due to his power struggles with the president of the LFP – which in turn also restricts the freedom of journalists in broadcasts television so that they don’t ask freely what they want or don’t point, for example, towards the box office – we’re left with a panorama in which the speaker is ultimately the fanatics.

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