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Tesla-Chef Elon Musk (50) is either adored by its fans – or hated by its harshest critics!

Now, however, one of his children seems to be turning against him. As the US online tabloid “TMZ” reports, son Xavier Musk no longer wants to have anything to do with his father, the billionaire and Tesla boss.

As an expression of this, according to TMZ, he is said to have now submitted legal documents for the change of his famous last name.

The documents were therefore submitted in LA County (US state in California) – with a request to have the full name changed. In addition, it should also be about having the gender identity legally adjusted.

The Tesla scion made it clear that he was primarily concerned with a clear break with his famous father. The reason for his application was “gender identity and the fact that I no longer live with my biological father or want to be related to him in any way,” the US newspaper quoted from the documents.

Accordingly, Xavier Musk – after turning 18 in April this year – now wants to change his birth name and will henceforth be called Vivian Jenna Wilson. So: be recognized as female in the future. However, neither Elon nor Xavier have yet publicly commented on their relationship or the planned name change.

But: Just yesterday, on June 19, the Tesla boss tweeted “Happy Father’s Day” in the USA on the occasion of Father’s Day – and further: “I love all my kids so much”. (English: “Happy Father’s Day” and “I love all my children so much”)

Interesting: In December 2020, Elon Musk tweeted that he was supportive of the transgender community, but added, “All those pronouns are an aesthetic nightmare.”

Foto: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

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Elon Musk with his then-fiancée Talulah Riley and their twin sons Griffin (left, 6) and Xavier (right) in 2010Foto: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Overall, the billionaire leads a rather turbulent family life. He has a total of seven children with two wives. Son Xavier Musk came from his marriage to writer Justine Wilson, with whom the entrepreneur has five children. Xavier was born in April 2004 with his twin Griffin.

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