Nanni Moretti after the flop at Cannes: “Seeing winning a film where a woman gets pregnant with a car made me grow old all of a sudden”

It is an unexpected and controversial post with which Nanni Moretti expresses all his disappointment for the lack of consideration to the Cannes Film Festival of his ‘Three floors’. With a few days delay compared to the award ceremony of the Palme D’Oro, the Roman director wrote on Instagram: “Aging suddenly. It happens. Especially if your film participates in a festival. And it doesn’t win. And instead wins another film, in which the protagonist becomes pregnant with a Cadillac. You age suddenly. Sure”. And next to it, he posted a selfie with a distraught face wide-eyed plaid shirt. The reference is to the film that won the Palme d’Or, ‘Titanium’ by the French Julia Ducournau, a horror film in which the protagonist makes love to a Cadillac and becomes pregnant.

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