Neumair murder, traces of Peter and Laura in the car –

BOLZANO. It’s from Volvo, the car of coniugi Neumair (which Benno was not authorized to use), which is the most important scientific confirmation. Mixed biological traces (saliva and traces of vomit) were found in the trunk of the car, attributable to both mother Laura and father Peter, the two murdered parents. It is the confirmation that the corpses were actually transported to the bridge near the landfill of Ischia Frizzi with the car of the two victims. This is an important investigative fact (given that Peter’s body has not yet been recovered) illustrated in court by Professor Emiliano Giardina of the University of Rome Tor Vergata which handed over to judge Carla Scheidle the first part of the genetic analyzes on the more than one hundred artifacts collected by the police of the Ris at the place of the double murder.

The court hearing

The civil parties also attended the hearing (Carla Perselli’s sisters and daughter Madé) and a number of relatives. The expert also pointed out that in the house in via Castel Roncolo (which Benno had time to clean up with hydrogen peroxide) no blood of the two victims was found. The only blood traces found belong to the self-confessed murderer. The defense, with the lawyer Angelo Polo, believes that the results of the genetic analyzes fully confirm the reconstruction of the tragedy made to the investigators by Benno Neumair. Actually something at the crime scene could change as a result of some biological traces of his father Peter found at the entrance to the apartment very close to a radiator (not blood but in particular saliva and vomit residues) which could lead us to exclude that a furious quarrel broke out between father and son before the murder. The absence of traces of blood from the two victims throughout the apartment could indicate that both Peter (who returned home shortly after 3.30pm on January 4, captured by a roadside security camera) and Laura (who returned at 6.46pm later). a 9-minute phone call with their daughter Madè in Germany) did not even have time to attempt a reaction to try to escape the death plan of their son Benno.

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Scientific investigation supplement

In this regard, judge Carla Scheidle (at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office) ordered a scientific investigation supplement on Laura Perselli’s nails to check for any traces of Benno’s skin (demonstration of a possible attempted reaction by the victim). In the apartment, the super-expert then found some traces of Benno’s blood on a shirt, on the shower mat, on the duvet cover on the bed, on the mattress. Traces of sweat from Benno and his father Peter were also found on a mountain climbing rope. These are traces that could also be dated, that is, not necessarily dating back to the day of the double murder. In the Volvo car, Professor Giardina then confirmed the presence of traces of Benno’s blood on the inner panel of the left front door, on the driver’s side. They were then detected traces of saliva and other biological liquids from Benno and his mother Laura Perselli on the inner fender of the trunk of the car. Traces of sweat of the murdered spouses were, as already mentioned, also found on the seat of the rear seats and between the front seats and the rear bench. Important confirmations have also arrived on the traces of blood detected by the Ris carabinieri in the snow residues on the bridge over the Adige where the two corpses were thrown into the river. This is blood from Peter’s corpse. On the guard rail, however, biological material by Laura Perselli was found.

The analyzes on clothing

Professor Giardina also handed over to Judge Scheidle the results of the laboratory tests carried out on some clothes left by Benno on the evening of January 4 in Martina’s house, on which no blood was detected. The expert will now also have to carry out a scientific check on two rags and two cloths, seized from the crime house, which Benno claims to have used to briefly clean the floor for the first time. Two vests that Benno would have worn will also be analyzed.

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