New passenger car sales decreased by 2.8%

How prices will rise in 2021

Car prices for the first quarter of 2021 increased by an average of 5-8%, estimates the head of the Association of Auto Dealers – RoAD – Vyacheslav Zubarev. And by the end of the year they will grow by at least 5% in order to catch up with the dollar and euro that have grown last year. The representative of Rolf says that since the beginning of the year cars in the mass segment have risen in price by an average of 2-5%, in the premium segment there are models that have risen in price by 10% or more. The scope of the traditional price adjustments by car factories at the beginning of the year to compensate for inflation was greater this year due to the instability of the ruble, he points out. “An increase in the utilization fee is expected, it has not yet been included in the prices. When the indexation of the utilization fee occurs, we are expecting a new wave of price hikes, ”warns the source of Vedomosti.


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