Nicaragua stripped the nationality of the writers Sergio Ramírez and Gioconda Belli, among a hundred dissidents

Nicaragua stripped the nationality of the writers Sergio Ramírez and Gioconda Belli, among a hundred dissidents

The extreme measure also affected bishops, politicians and journalists, among other voices critical of the Daniel Ortega regime. They also order to confiscate their property.

In an extremist move, the Nicaraguan regime in charge of Daniel Ortega Nicaraguan nationality was removed from writers this Wednesday Sergio Ramirez y Gioconda Belliamong almost a hundred other dissidents to the Government.

In addition, to strip him of his nationality, he was ordered to “seize his real estate.” That is to say: Ortega will take possession, empowered by his mandate, from their house.

What was decreed by the Nicaraguan government also affected the obispo Managua auxiliary, Silvio Báez, and former commander Luis Carrión. The list includes more than 94 peopleall accused of “traitors” by the mandate of Ortega.

According to the EFE news agency, the payroll includes the veteran human rights defender Vilma Nunezto the former chancellor Norman Calderato the former Sandinista magistrate Rafael Solísto the former ambassador of Nicaragua to the OAS Arturo McFields y to the journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorroamong other Nicaraguans accused of crimes considered “treason against the homeland”, according to a disputed ruling by the Court of Appeals of Managua.

To the 94 affected “they are declared fugitives from justice” and, in addition to losing their nationality, they will not be able to hold public office nor of popular election “perpetually”indicated the resolution read by magistrate Ernesto Rodríguez Mejía, of the Court of Appeals of Managua.

The Nicaraguan Justice, it is known, is addicted to the regime that has accumulated more than 25 years in power.

Both Belli and Ramírez, Cervantes Prize for Literature 2017and most of those mentioned in the list are critical or explicitly opposed to Ortega who They are mostly in exile.. However, there are several of those mentioned that are in Nicaragua.

“We are expelled from our own country”

After the surprise announcement of an agreement between the United States and Nicaragua for the release of 222 political prisoners, the voices of opposition leaders to the Daniel Ortega regime began to be heard, who told about the harsh conditions of detention and what it was like to have been expelled from his own country.

“It’s quite strange but we’re talking about a dictatorship that has been arbitrary and does everything. The case of Nicaragua is a quite unprecedented exile, we are expelled from our own country,” said Juan Sebastián Chamorro (52), who had been a presidential candidate for the 2021 elections, but was government detained for ‘undermining national sovereignty’.

“We accept it because the denomination of the nationality is not removedone continues to be Nicaraguan at heart,” said the economist. Now, he would be another of those directly exiled and banned for life.

Juan Sebastián Chamorro (right), recently arrived in Washington after being deported by the Ortega regime. AP photo.

“It was an arbitrary detention, we have been victims of a setup, a show behind closed doors,” he complained in an interview last week. “This dictatorship wants to put an end to those whowe raise our voice for democracy. But here we are, free, out of a cell where we spent 20 months,” he said.

And he continued: “I was imprisoned for a year, eight months and one day. (In that jail I was) only the first two months. And then the jail was filled with opponents. For four months we were in cells of 2 to 4 people.”

Although he was not subjected to physical torture, he described the psychological torture he suffered during the months of confinement, including detention in tiny places.

“Physically, beatings have not occurred, but prolonged isolation has occurred. More than three months without seeing family members. Also punishment imprisonment in very small cells,” he said.

He also maintained that until they arrived at the airport runway they had not been told that they were being deported. “Went stripped of our own citizenship“, he complained, but reaffirmed that it is part “of the commitment to democracy.” Now Ortega has transformed the metaphor into a harsh reality.


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