Nico and Athletic celebrate their renewal with a win over Rayo

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2023-12-02 19:32:15

Nico Williams and the Athletic Club They celebrated the recent renewal of the little one in the saga until 2027 with a rout of Rayo Vallecano in San Mamés in which the two brothers collaborated with two goals that closed the 4-0 that Gorka Guruzeta opened and Pacha Espino at his own door.

It was a victory as broad as it was incontestable that strengthens the team. Bilbao in fifth place, where it is provisionally three points from the Champions League, and extends to four points the advantage it has over the positions that, in principle, would remain outside of Europe.

He RayFor their part, they suffered their second away defeat of the season and conceded more goals at ‘La Catedral’ than in all of their previous seven visits. Which leaves him in the middle of the table.

Athletic received bad news before starting the match, as Vesga was injured in the warm-up and Valverde replaced them with Herrera. That prevented Ernesto Valverde from repeating the eleven How well he worked on the last day in Girona.

For his part, Francisco Rodríguez, in addition to recovering Álvaro García after his suspension from the last game against Barça, included Pathé Ciss in the team for Oscar Trejo and advanced the former red and white Unai López to the midfield.

Although the red and white team did not notice the setback much because at the end of the 1st minute they had already caused two corners. And by the 14th minute Guruzeta had already beaten Dimitrievski.

Although the goal, very well executed by the local striker, was disallowed for offside millimeter prior Iñaki Williamswho was the one who centered from the right.

But ‘Gurugol’ was determined to beat his scoring record from last season this Saturday and added his seventh goal of the season, beating the Balkan goalkeeper with a simple shot placed midway through the first half.

This was what Sancet’s pass required, as he had taken advantage of a steal from the eldest Williams. Oscar Valentin in which the Rayista midfielder called for a foul. The Navarrese’s pass left the goal half done for the San Sebastian native.

Rayo stretched a bit with the score against and made three attempts, none of them dangerous. If anything, Álvaro’s shot was simple for Unai Simón.

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Athletic regained control and continued to force corner kicks without success, but it was not the best day in the attempts by Iñaki Williams and De Marcos. That they did not finish taking chances in plays that threatened to do so.

The second half began with a visiting chance born from a risky transfer from Lekue to Unai Simón. The goal’s hasty clearance hit Pathé Ciss, who got the ball again and center on Unai, who headed wide.

What could have been 1-1 became 2-0 in an unfortunate play by Pacha Espino, who deflected a Williams cross towards his goal. An impossible ball for his goalkeeper.

Just as he couldn’t do anything at 3-0. A shot at will from Iñaki Williams culminating a beautiful play by the entire local forward. Started by Nico, continued by Sancet and Guruzeta, who was the perfect cross for the eldest of the brothers to equal him in the scoring table, also with 7 goals.

It seemed more like Dimitrievski could have done at 4-0, although it is also true that the shot to Nico, after receiving an excellent service from Lekue, It came out so tight that it hit the stick before entering.

It was the perfect icing on the cake to an unforgettable afternoon for the little Williams, for his entire family and for all the ‘athletizale’ fans. Among those who came to San Mamés, despite the cold and rain, they experienced a complete party. The party with Nico.


4 – Athletic Club: Unai Simón; De Marcos (Yuri, m.74), Vivian (Nolaskoain, m.84), Paredes, Lekue; Herrera, Galarreta (Prados, m.81); Iñaki Williams (Berenguer, m.81), Sancet (Muniain, m.74), Nico Williams; y Cross.

0 – Rayo Vallecano: Dmitrievsky; Balliu, Lejeune, Mumin, Hawthorne; Oscar Valentine (Kike, m.55), Unai Lopez (Fruits, m.55); Clothes Palace (Chavarria, m.55), Trejo, Alvaro Garcia; and Camel (Falcao, m.69).

Goals: 1-0, m.23: Guruzeta. 2-0, m.47: Espino, own goal. 3-0, m.64: Iñaki Williams. 4-0, m.68: Nico Williams.

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Referee: Francisco Hernández Maeso (Extremeño Committee). He showed a yellow card to local Vivian (m.5) and to visitors Espino (m.31) and Falcao (m.87).

Incidences: Matchday 15 of LaLiga EA Sports played in San Mamés before 44,689 spectators. Official data.

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