“No to revision of the Stasi process”


No to the review of the trial for Alberto Stasi. The First Criminal Section of the Court of Cassation rejected the appeal that Stasi had presented against the decision of the Brescia Court of Appeal of 2 October 2020 which had declared inadmissible the request for revision of the conviction reported for the murder of Chiara Poggi killed in Garlasco (Pavia) on August 13, 2007. Stasi is definitively sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of his then girlfriend.

“The numerous attempts to overturn the outcome of the trial carried out in recent years have not had any effect. The decision of the Supreme Court confirms once again the responsibility of Alberto Stasi beyond any reasonable doubt “. Gian Luigi Tizzoni, lawyer of Chiara Poggi’s family, declares it to time.news.

“The Stasi defense has taken every legitimate path to arrive at a procedural truth. This trial was and remains circumstantial, and it is the conviction that overturned two previous acquittal sentences. If the Supreme Court has considered acceptable the unacceptable ordinance of Brescia, it will mean that now justice leaves room for the consciences of those who could bring truth about those tragic facts, for which Alberto Stasi is not responsible ”. Laura Panciroli, lawyer of the young convicted, declares it to the time.news.


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