Exactly one week after the fall of an operational activity in Jenin by the late Navy fighter Noam Raz, his widow Efrat wrote a letter to the people of Israel. In simple and moving words she writes about “the story of Noam,” and seeks to continue to spread the good light of her husband who has fallen in battle.

“Our dear people, we are thrilled by you. We want to say thank you. For the wonderful embrace we received during the Shiva, partnership and love. Thousands of people from all over the country (and the world) came to us, filled the house, or sent a message from afar. Many many without prior acquaintance with us Or with Noam. Just be with us. With us in the pain of longing.
In admiration of the greatness of the pleasure, of the intensity of the devotion, the stronghold of the soul, of the heroism, of the beauty of the soul, of the secret of the faucet.

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Because Noam is all that is beautiful and good in all of us-
* In connection with the people, the people: in long and courageous service in the military, in a variety of positions, in hundreds and more operations, at the risk of life, out of a belief in the protection of the people and the state.
* In a bright face on a daily basis to everyone who meets – to friends, to the “transparent people”, even to those who are far from him in opinions and actions, out of caring, true listening and inclusion.

* Help – no matter when and on what. Just giving, without waiting for a return. Until saving a real life, also in the medical field as a paramedic – in shifts, in the community and in combat.

* As a devoted, warm and embracing family member. Supportive and pampering.
A huge heart full of love.

* Connecting to roots, to soil:
As a farmer planted in the land and his head is subject to heaven, thirsty for water, as a resettlement settler, flowering wilderness, builder and creator, man of action.

* In connection with the essence, the content and the meaning of life.
Deepens his faith, connected to the Creator.

Noam’s story is the story of the simplicity of the deep life of us all – modesty, inwardness – without being confused by the external, bad, family, Palestine, good heart, dedication, determination, perseverance and hard work, professionalism and loyalty, true. Just clean. Look at Noam and remember what we want to be and actually – who we are.
And so maybe he was so touched and touched everyone who met him or heard about him.

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So how do you continue this good light? Noam’s faucet? A small request – just adopt a feature, a small act in the style of Noam, who spoke to you and touched your heart straight – like:
– Get up an hour earlier / leave a tidy bed.
– Smile at your partner / at work and everyone around you
– Focus on good speech, leave disputes and slander
– Do not complain. Focus on the goal.
– Use more sense of humor, just multiply joy
– To specialize in any field. Zero self-waiver. no excuses. Take advantage of free minutes.
-Leave work out the door when you get home at the end of the day- Focus on the woman, the kids, tickle them, laugh. Leave the screens aside.
-See the half-full glass, and rejoice in it.
And that’s on a bit of a fork…
You are trusted to continue the list.

Family members of the late Noam Raz Photo: Police spokeswoman

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