Nothing was also caught posting false data on Phone (1)

Until today, when the manufacturers would publish the product data, we took it for granted and as accurate and correct information. It seems that not only Samsung and OnePlus have been caught in the misrepresentation of device data, now also a company Nothing Entered the questionable list.

From a test carried out on the smartphone Phone (1) it was discovered that it manages to illuminate the screen only with a maximum brightness of 700 nits instead of 1200nits published Technically, the device is capable of lighting with a power of 1200nits, but Nothing chose to limit the lighting power to only 700nits through its software.

In response, the company said:The hardware is capable of a peak brightness of 1200nits, but this is now limited by the software to 700nits. This decision was made to ensure a balanced user experience regarding heat and battery consumption. We look forward to hearing from our users about this and will be closely monitoring feedback to see if this should be addressed in future software updates״

In terms of hardware, there is no problem to turn on the LEDs at high power and reach a luminance of 1200nits, technically this is not the problem. Nothing castrates the power in order to maintain a long battery life and prevent unnecessary heating of the device. The company is aware that this restriction may anger consumers, so in the message they sent they said they would examine the issue. If the company is interested, it can remotely update the software to increase the maximum that the device can reach for everyone. It is only a matter of software and not hardware.

We have to see how things will develop and we may get a system update which will increase the brightness of the device again.

Source: My Mobile India


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