Nvidia and Israel’s Quantum Machines announced DGX Quantum – Techtime

Nvidia and Israel’s Quantum Machines announced DGX Quantum – Techtime

March 21, 2023

The revolutionary computer makes it possible to combine a supercomputer with a quantum computer. Based on new Nvidia GPU chips and Quantum Machines control technology. The first installation in the world will be at the Israeli Center for Quantum Computing which is currently under construction

In the photo above: CEO of Quantum Machines Itamar Sivan, and the DGX Quantum computer

Nvidia (NVIDIA) and Quantum Machines Company (Quantum Machines) Tel Aviv revealed the DGX Quantum computer that they developed together, which allows to develop applications for quantum computers, and at the same time combine the activity of a quantum computer and a classical computer in an integrated (hybrid) operation model. The DGX Quantum system is the world’s first system for quantum computing, based on the acceleration of graphics processors (GPU Accelerated Quantum Computing). The first application in the world of the system will be in the Israeli quantum computing center, which should start operating by the end of 2023.

The system includes two units of the new graphics acceleration chip NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip, the CUDA Quantum software platform developed by Nvidia and announced today (Tuesday) as an open platform, and the Quantum Machines control system. A quantum computer is currently supported by servers, cooling systems, background noise filtering, software that supports the information coming from the core units (qubit) and the like. Quantum Machines provides the shared computer with the auxiliary systems that support quantum computing.

Both a new product, and a collaboration between Nvidia and Quantum Machines

The company developed the Quantum Orchestration Platform hardware and software system, which is responsible for receiving a quantum algorithm in the QUA programming language that the company developed, and translating it into signals sent to the quantum processor. In fact, it is the intermediary layer between the quantum processor and the classical computer. The collaboration between the two companies was revealed today by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during the company’s Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse conference, GTC 2023. Quantum Machines co-founder and CEO Itamar Sivan said the system offers a revolutionary architecture for researchers working On developments that combine classical computing with quantum computing.

Sivan: “This is a double announcement – both a new product and a collaboration between Nvidia and Quantum Machines.” According to him, the initial target market of DGX Quantum is the supercomputer market, where the practical use of quantum computers will begin. “But in order to realize the potential of quantum processors, it is also necessary to perform a great many classical calculations, therefore DGX Quantum gives these users the ability to access quantum computers. We are launching a product that strengthens the power of supercomputers and gives them the ability to work with quantum computers. It will allow researchers and companies to develop hybrid algorithms that will run on both a classical computer and a quantum computer.”

Israel will be the first to use DGX Quantum

The only place in the world where the DGX Quantum computer will be put into practical use will be in the Israeli Quantum Computing Center, which is currently under construction as part of the National Quantum Project, which is managed by the Telam Forum, the Innovation Authority and PAFA. The company Quantum Machines is responsible for establishing the center, which received a budget of approximately NIS 100 million for the first three years. The center will have five separate quantum computing platforms in three different quantum processing technologies, including a very powerful quantum computer with a power of more than 50 qubits.

“This will be the first place in the world that combines all the platforms together,” Sivan said. According to him, by the end of the year, the process of setting up the array and launching the center is expected to be completed. At the same time, a budget of approximately NIS 200 million was approved for research and technological development within the center. According to the approved plan, the center will provide infrastructure for research and development in all layers of hardware and software. It will provide research and development services for dual developments (civilian and military) in areas such as dedicated quantum processors for a variety of algorithms, development of processor topologies for solving optimization problems, improving dealing with noise, signal processing, interconnect technologies between components and more.

The quantum computing center will serve industry and academia in Israel by setting up a full stack universal quantum computer to run calculations in various fields directly, with a future option for cloud access. As part of it, quantum technologies will be developed with a total budget of NIS 200 million. The center will provide research and development services for civilian and military developments in areas such as dedicated quantum processors, development of processor topologies for optimization problems, improvement of signal processing performance, development of fast connectivity technologies between components and more. The Elbit company is a strategic partner in the project, and will lead the field of development of security quantum applications.

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