“Old competitions are useless, stop pen and paper”


” Old-fashioned contests are no longer of any use because they no longer select quality. We need to change the way ”. This was stated by the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, speaking at Zapping on Radio Rai1. “Pen and paper competitions are no longer held anywhere in Europe,” he stresses. ” I propose to eliminate paper and pen and to eliminate competitions that last 5-10 years, because competitions made in the way that 170,000-200,000 requests arrive and are gathered in stadiums are not possible. Nowhere in the world is recruitment done like this ”, so we have to ” change the page ” using ” new technologies, digitization and artificial intelligence ”.

” Now we need all the best-he adds-. We bring many good young people into the public administration that universities and schools churn out ”, giving them ” the pride of working for 60 million Italians. “The new hires could be ” 3.5 million and maybe 4 million if we will be able to restore the turnover ”.

Brunetta also focuses on refreshments for the categories in crisis due to Covid: ” While the pandemic lasts we give deviations and decrees for about 20 billion a month, so as not to have accumulations of questions or refreshments, as in the last refreshments, which was voted on in January and will be paid for in late April. It is too long to wait for those who have suffered in these first months. Let’s make sure there is a decree a month, which pays monthly the categories that are still suffering ”.


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