old school rock and a new album

old school rock and a new album

2023-09-06 17:48:18

The Rolling Stones were eagerly awaited on Wednesday, September 6, when they were to reveal the first song of a new disc live on YouTube. Arrived with fanfare on the stage of the Hackney Empire Theater, a hall in the east London district, Mick Jagger, 80, Keith Richards, 79 and Ronnie Wood, 76, performed the show, without their drummer Charlie Watts, died in 2021.

« The ultimate rock band », the “ultimate rock band”, according to the American animator Jimmy Fallon who presented the event. Joking live, then singing along to a few bars of blues chanted by the London audience who clapped their hands, he also gave the thousands of fans who tuned in to this brief broadcast all the details about their new record.

Hackney Diamonds, a studio album featuring original Rolling Stones songs, will be released on October 20 (Universal Music). It will include 12 titles, the first of which was unveiled by a clip broadcast at the end of the press conference. Angry (“Angry”) is old-school rock, basic in rhythm and lyrics.

Faithful in every way to the standards of the Rolling Stones, Angry unleashes big sound, the punchy vocals of Mick Jagger and the guitar riffs of Keith Richards. The clip shows actress Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria, The Scarlet Maid), spectacular blonde cast in a black leather jumpsuit and thigh-high boots, rolling around in a red convertible amid videos of the Stones. Taken at various times in their lives and reproducing covers from their albums, these images show them young or old, but always rock’n’roll.

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Touring stadiums around the world

« New album, music, era » (“New album, music, era”), promise the Rolling Stones to make their fans wait until the release of this new disc. An album of original songs, hoped for nearly twenty years. The last, A Bigger Bangdated back to 2005. The English group had released seven years ago Blue and Lonesomea cover album of blues standards.

The Rolling Stones have since been performing tirelessly in stadiums around the world with the great titles of their repertoire: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Sympathy for the Devil, Jumpin’Jack Flash, Paint It, Black, Angie, Miss You or Gimme Shelter.

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