Olot is back on the road to victory (2-1)

Olot is back on the road to victory (2-1)

2023-09-24 19:29:29

Olot is back on the road to victory. Pedro Dólera’s team beat La Grama 2-1 in a game with a crazy second-half deficit with a goal for each side. The Garrotxins add to the full range of victories at the Municipal and are third with seven points, only behind Tona and l’Hospitalet who have won all three games played.

Getting back to scoring three by three was vital for an Olot who wants to be strong at home. The feelings in La Pobla were good, but they did not have the prize of victory. Today, on the other hand, the volcanic ensemble took the lead early on in the first occasion of clear danger. The set piece worked, as it already did in the Copa Catalunya against Sant Andreu, and David Bigas put the Olotins ahead in the 13th minute. Barnils combed over, Uri González continued the play and the Peralada full-back finished the play in goal. La Grama did not intimidate Batalla in the first half. Olot didn’t end up creating too much danger either, however, Pedro del Campo, Marc Mas, and Maynau warned with three deflected shots before the break.

The Doves have come out of the dressing room more animated, generating danger just to start. Padillo has run into Batalla in a dangerous rut. Mas responded quickly, but Sergio was also skilful to avoid the second home goal. Before the stoppage time, Peris equalized for the visitors. It was in added time when the game got crazy with two goals. Marco Gil, who hadn’t even been on the field for ten minutes, scored the second for the volcanic team, taking advantage of Sergio going up to finish off a corner in desperation. With no time to celebrate, Olot was awarded a penalty against him. Kilian Villaverde, former Olot player, has not missed from the penalty spot. A goal that ended Olot’s unbeaten streak in the league.

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