On a pilgrimage without a purpose from Bamberg to Vierteen Heiligen

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2023-12-10 10:30:28

A day outdoors: Anyone who sets off in Bamberg in the early hours of the morning will experience the sunset in the afternoon on Staffelberg, just before the pilgrimage church of the Fourteen Saints. Image: Lookphotos

Fifty-five thousand steps across the God’s Garden and then an emergency helper festival beer: on the heels of a miraculous ritual by the Bamberg Five Wounds Brotherhood.

For at least fifty years, on the first weekend of Advent, a bunch of Bamberg residents have been meeting at 4 a.m. in the Wunderburg district for a roughly forty-kilometer-long hike to Fourteen Saints, for which there seems to be no proper term. Despite the appropriate destination church, it is not a real pilgrimage – is it a pilgrimage?

This thought might come to mind since the core of the group consists of members of the Bamberg Five Wounds Brotherhood, founded in 1684 by gardeners and founded by Pope Innocent XI. Association confirmed with a certificate of indulgence for good deeds, whose main tasks still include participation in the large Bamberg Corpus Christi procession.

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