On vacation if you have cancer? It can be done

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July 11, 2021 – 18:36

Cancer and summer seem like an oxymoron. In reality, for many sick people and for thousands of families, the warm season risks bringing with it a melancholy that is more striking. Over three million Italians live with a cancer diagnosis behind them and experts say: Holidays are not prohibited, just talk to your doctor and get organized

of Vera Martinella

Cancer and vacation are not two irreconcilable extremes. Too often patients and family members, physically and psychologically tested by illness and daily fatigue, unfairly resign themselves to the “I would like, but I can’t”. Of course, in order to think about leaving, two fundamental premises are necessary – explains Francesco Cognetti, president of the “Together Against Cancer Foundation” -: the patient must be in such physical conditions that allow him to move and the holiday times must be compatible with any ongoing therapies. It is necessary to talk about it with the doctors who follow the patient, often finding a way to take vacation is not complicated also because in most cases the days of actual treatment in hospitals are few per month and the benefits are many, for the mood and also for the body.

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11 July 2021 | 18:36



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