It will not be a remake, but a reboot, specifies Lucky Red, a tribute to a film that has become a cult for more than a generation: so the production company announced the off to filming for the new Otherwise we get angry, new version of the legendary 1974 film starring Bud Spencer e Terence Hill. The protagonists of the film will be this time Edoardo Pesce and Alessandro Roja: to them the difficult task of keeping up with one of the most beloved couples in Italian cinema who, among other things, achieved great box office receipts with that film. In the cast of the reboot, which will be released in 2022, there will also be Alessandra Mastronardi and Christian De Sica. The direction instead entrusted to YouNuts!, duo of young videomakers formed by Niccol Celaia and Antonio Usbergo that we have already seen behind the camera in Under the sun of riccione.

The plot of the reboot, according to what has been leaked so far and according to the first image posted on social media by Lucky Red, again focused on disappearance of a red Dune Buggy: Pesce and Roja interpret the two brothers Carezza and Sorriso, different in nature and quarrelsome since childhood. They will have to retrieve the car that once belonged to their father, through chases and fights, eating beer and sausages. In short: the similarities with the film of over 40 years ago and with the habits of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are felt and the operation inevitably at risk. On social media, the comments are divided between the enthusiastic and the indignant, between a little heart from Jovanotti and a bit of dejected but it was really needed.

June 16, 2021 (change June 16, 2021 | 11:30 am)


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