Otzma Yehudit Party Criticizes Simcha Rothman for Legal Reform and Yom Kippur Uproar

Otzma Yehudit Party Criticizes Simcha Rothman for Legal Reform and Yom Kippur Uproar

Title: Otzma Yehudit Party Criticizes Simcha Rothman and Calls for Legal Reform Following Uproar at Separation Prayers

Date: September 26, 2023

In a recent interview with Maariv, officials from the Otzma Yehudit party expressed their discontent over the ongoing legal reform legislation and the uproar caused by separation prayers and clashes during Yom Kippur in Tel Aviv. They specifically targeted Simcha Rothman, the chairman of the Constitution Committee, and blamed him for hindering the progress of judicial reform.

According to sources within the party, Rothman is accused of having a weak character and consistently folding under pressure. They believe that his actions, along with those of Bezalel Smotrich, played a significant role in the failure to implement necessary reforms within the judicial system. These officials referenced a recent vote on the cancellation of the reasonableness clause, in which Rothman and Smotrich actively worked against the legislation.

“The members of religious Zionism play too many political games, sometimes leaning towards the left and sometimes the right. We don’t appreciate such behavior,” a party source stated. Furthermore, the party is dissatisfied with the response of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to recent remarks made by Itamar Ben Gvir, who criticized the segregation of Jews praying in public spaces.

Expressing their grave concern, the officials emphasized that the issue at hand goes beyond mere segregation and reveals a deeper problem of restricting Jews from openly practicing their faith. “It’s about a handful of people who are doing horrible things,” they said. The party firmly believes that the situation is unacceptable and demands immediate action from their chairman and leader, Ben Gvir KH.

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In response to the recent events, the Otzma Yehudit party plans to hold a protest on Thursday at 6:30 p.m., without provoking any violence. Their goal is to express their opposition to the removal of Jews from public spaces and advocate for their right to freely practice and pray. Ahead of the event, Ben Gvir will meet with the police for a situation assessment.

Simcha Rothman has consistently voiced his dissent against decisions made by coalition members. Earlier today, he took to Twitter to condemn Itamar Ben Gvir’s remarks, urging for a measured response to the violence that occurred during Yom Kippur. Rothman emphasized the importance of avoiding counter-provocations that would exacerbate tensions and encourage extremism.

Rothman emphasized, “Darkness is not chased away with sticks, but by adding light.” He believes that the way forward lies in the consistent actions of many individuals, regardless of their religious or secular backgrounds, who strengthen their Judaism in response to extreme progressive violence and silencing. Ultimately, Rothman is confident that Israel will remain both Jewish and democratic, as it is the overriding desire of the majority.

The Otzma Yehudit party’s critique of Simcha Rothman and their call for legal reform reflect the deep concerns surrounding recent incidents during separation prayers. As the discussion surrounding these events evolves, the possibility of significant changes in the judicial system remains on the table.


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