Overwatch 2 Beta Test Implemented on June 29th, Multi-Platform Simultaneous Debut

“Overwatch 2” will be released on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and other game consoles on October 5 (Wednesday), and the public beta version will be tested. It will officially start on June 29.

“Overwatch 2” is positioned as a free-to-play game. The manufacturer points out that it is a reasonable decision for this game and the majority of players. Free-to-play will remove the threshold for participating in the game, allowing players from all over the world to join the battlefield and connect with friends. Team up, or find other players online to have fun. In addition to making the game free to play, a cross-platform progress sharing function will also be added, allowing everyone to play freely, accumulate game progress, and seamlessly access game content on major game platforms.

Overwatch 2 will not have a loot mechanism, instead it will continue to introduce new game services, allowing players to shape their own game experience. Players can get the items they want directly through the Battle Pass and the new, regularly updated in-game store. The game team creates new seasons every nine weeks, ensuring players always have fresh and exciting content to experience.

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Future plans and seasons

In the future plan below, you can see our short-term plans for the first and second quarters, as well as our long-term development goals for 2023 and beyond. We introduce a new hero every two seasons, and the season without a new hero will have elements like new maps and game modes.

Season 1 features Thorgeen, the Queen of Trash, and an unseen support hero, as well as a new 5v5 PvP experience, remastered heroes, new maps and modes, and more. We will also release a remastered version of the competitive experience, specially designed to give players more tools to improve gameplay, and to feel the sense of accomplishment that accumulates progress in competitive battles. After the competition system is adjusted to 5v5, players will feel that they are more capable of controlling the outcome of the battle; the manufacturer will also add additional systems to help players judge their contribution in each battle.

Season 2 will feature a new meat shield hero, a map, and a slew of unique skins, including a new Mythic skin. In addition, the factory will also release more story content, leading everyone to follow the new PvE experience that will debut in 2023, and there will also be more new heroes, maps and game modes.

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