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FC Südtirol won 4-0, with two goals per half, on Matchday 30, 11th return. The red and white fold the Imolese at home, showing off a capital test that allows them to gain three points over leaders Padua, now at -2. First goal in the 36th minute: fine combination on the edge of the host area, Fink keeps the ball in the field, Voltan serves who triangulates with Casiraghi ready to serve the ball in the area at number 7 red and white who pierces Siano with the right. In the first of 2 ‘of recovery the doubling. On the development of the free kick, Voltan from the left wing puts the left ball on the far post, Morelli controls it, dribbles twice and manages to score, finding the furthest post: spectacular goal for the 2-0
In the second half the third goal, from a penalty, at 35 ‘. Pilati gets the ball off Casiraghi and then tries to intervene at the last minute in the area, landing the red and white player. From eleven meters he transforms Casiraghi himself, to the tenth center of the season. In the first of the 3 ‘of recovery the poker. Deadly counterattack by the newly entered Rover who breaks away from Carini and escapes all alone in speed in the opposing metacampo, placing a right flat that leaves Siano no way out. It ends 4-0. Wednesday midweek round at home with Modena, kick-off at 17.30.

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