Payroll, 8.7 billion evaporated in 2020. Negative record for Lombardia-

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Busta lighter pay for millions of Italians. Evaporated 8.7 billion euros, net of national income tax and additional regional and municipal taxes. This is the shortfall in the pockets of employees in the year 2020, according to the latest data published by Uil. The report, which obviously takes into account the hours of redundancy carried out in the past year, is a snapshot of the difficulties faced by workers since last March. Between salary reduction and missed accruals of thirteenth and fourteenth – explains Ivana Veronese, Uil Confederal Secretary – in two months payslips have lightened on average from 9.6% to 39%, depending on the hours of layoffs.

The regions

Lombardy holds the record for the greatest loss of net wages, equal to 25.5% of the national total

(2.2 billion euros), followed by Veneto where redundant workers lose over 964 million euros net, Emilia Romagna (840 million euros net) and Piedmont (745 million euros net). The analysis was conducted by the Labor, Cohesion and Territory Service of the UIL which processed the INPS data on the authorized hours of wage supplementation.

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