Pedro Sánchez faces his second motion of censure with Vox and Ramón Tamames as rivals

Pedro Sánchez faces his second motion of censure with Vox and Ramón Tamames as rivals

The time has come. The Congress of Deputies begins to discuss this Tuesday the motion of censure Presented by Vox contra Pedro Sanchezthe second that the President of the Government faces and the second that the extreme right formation presents to him.

Vox’s candidate will not be Santiago Abascal, but Ramon Tamames89, a political figure known for his past in the PCE who has expressed his distance from the formation on some issues but who has defended himself as that figure of consensus to rebuke the Government.

Yes, it will be Santiago Abascal who starts the debate from the 9:00 hours. He will not have a time limit to defend his candidate and will intervene standing up, something that Tamames will not do, who will do so from Abascal’s seat. Already in third place, it will be Sánchez’s turn to respond to Vox and defend the management of the Executive, with replicas that will spread as much as Vox and Sánchez want.

The debate on the sixth motion of no confidence in the history of democracy will last two days and is expected to be voted on Wednesday at noon. The session will be interrupted by Meritxell Batet, President of the Congress, and will resume at 4:00 p.m. Who will not be in the debate will be Alberto Núñez Feijóoleader of the PP, leaving Cuca Gamarra as the spokesperson for the position of the main opposition party.

A determined vote

The previous of this motion of censure has been marked by the Tamames speech leak, in which he spoke of the similarity of Spain with “an autocracy”. That speech, Tamames added, was “outdated”acknowledging that “it will not change much” to what we will be able to hear this Tuesday.

Tamames has justified his ‘yes’ to accept Vox’s proposal in his desire to “pay one last tribute to the defense of the current and future interests of Spain”. For Tamames, the urgent call for general elections is “more necessary than ever”.

As laSexta has been able to confirm, the leading tandem of the motion of censure will be the one made up of Sanchez and Yolanda Diaz, the second vice president of the Government, with all the ministers present except those with an international agenda. What they will not do from the Government is “frivolize with the solemnity that the moment requires.”

One of the great doubts has been in the position of the PP, which has opted to “censor at the polls” the Government of Sánchez. “Any vote that does not go to the PP will be a vote of support for Sanchez,” he said Cuca Gamarrawho sees in this motion of censure “a political show” that “will erode the democratic quality of Spain.”

What seems clearest is the meaning of the vote, with 52 deputies voting in favor of the motion of censure by Vox, 88 deputies abstaining by the PP and the rest of the chamber rejecting the motion of censure. We will know the time of the vote throughout Wednesday morning.


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