Personalized business credit benefits for companies | Neofinancial Iris | Credits | My finances

Personalized business credit benefits for companies |  Neofinancial Iris |  Credits |  My finances

2023-10-01 02:12:42

Companies, today, require financing to maintain their operation. Good credit allows you to manage growth and meet the needs of a business.

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Banks have even tried to offer a series of benefits that go beyond obtaining capital.

This is the case of Iris Neofinanciera, which has created a customized business loan, seeking to adapt to the needs of each business, “it is agile and there are a series of payment facilities.”

According to Lorenzo Garavito, CEO of Iris Neofinanciera “the company knows the pains of Colombian entrepreneurs, that is why we develop solutions that meet the needs of the business. We understand that the needs of each entrepreneur are completely different, so allowing us to customize the “Credit is undoubtedly a great option for the entrepreneur. During 2023 we have disbursed more than $616 billion with our lines of credit.”

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Thus, this company offers companies with a local operation loans starting at $500 million for “working capital, project financing, portfolio purchases, or other business needs to boost their business.”

Benefits of accessing personalized business credit

According to Iris Neofinanciera, this type of credit has a series of advantages over others. These are the main ones:

1. Adaptability: acquiring this credit allows “companies to obtain financing based on their operations cycle, their industry and their short and long-term objectives.”

For example, one company may use a line of credit for working capital during peak periods, while another may opt for a long-term loan to finance the expansion of its facilities.

2. Boost to liquidity: Business credit can provide companies with the liquidity necessary to take advantage of growth opportunities, pay suppliers, invest in new equipment or technology, or face unexpected situations, such as emergencies or economic crises.

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3. Continue to build the company’s credit life: Responsibly managing business credit and making timely payments “can have a positive impact on a company’s credit rating. This not only facilitates access to future financing on more favorable terms, but can also build trust among investors and business partners.”

4. Support and guarantee: Accessing a business loan with a formal financial entity that also has the supervision of the Financial Superintendency of Colombia offers “consumer protection, guarantee and legal compliance; since this entity guarantees that financial institutions comply with standards of transparency, financial solidity and good practices”.

In this sense, the company recommends that before submitting the application for credit, “the company’s debt capacity is evaluated, prices, rates, terms and details of the process are identified; in addition to organizing its information and documentation before start to speed up the process”.

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