Petrol, diesel price cut: Imran praises India

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Petrol, diesel price cut: Imran praises India
Islamabad, – ” India has reduced petrol and diesel prices due to its independent foreign policy. But Pakistan is a pawn in the hands of foreign powers, “said former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The federal government yesterday announced a reduction in the price of a liter of petrol and diesel. Imran Khan was asked on social media to comment on this.

That is why despite being a member of the ‘Quad’ with the United States, it buys crude oil from Russia at a lower price despite the crisis in the United States. This will reduce the price of petrol and diesel for the benefit of the Indian people. Similarly, the government under my leadership tried to pursue an independent foreign policy.

Unfortunately, they bowed down to foreign pressure and dissolved my regime.

Imran Khan has blamed the US and Pakistan’s military for overthrowing his regime.

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