Pinned for his trips on a business plane, Christophe Béchu “takes responsibility”

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2023-12-07 19:17:25

It’s good for him. The Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu “confirms and assumes responsibility” for his business jet flights, he declared on Franceinfo Wednesday evening, after being picked up by the local Angevin newspaper La Topette. “All these trips are work-related and if tomorrow, in the same circumstances, I have to take planes again in this context, I will do so,” justified the minister.

“I fully accept these thefts and the need to set an example. I must have made between 100 and 130 journeys with this rule: when a journey lasts less than four hours, it takes place by train. When a journey lasts more than four hours, it takes place by plane. When a journey lasts between three and four hours, we look at the options,” the minister told 20 Minutes.

“Out of these hundred trips, I made around ten round trips by plane, about half of which were not with jets or business planes, but training planes from the General Directorate of Aviation civil service (DGAC), in cases of emergency or tragedy. Then there are a few cases where there was no trade line, so no other option. We have very good rail connections from Paris, but this is not the case throughout the territory,” said the former mayor of Angers (Maine-et-Loire).

“There were no better options,” says the minister

The Minister of Ecological Transition admitted, however, that he had taken the plane between Metz and Paris, two cities separated by less than an hour and a half by TGV. “I had no other option to go to Metz than to use the plane since I was leaving from Pas-de-Calais, and as the plane then returned, instead of it returning empty, it ‘brought back’ instead of taking ‘a train’, he explained.

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“There was no better option” during each of these flights, “I can confirm this to you in a completely calm manner,” repeated Christophe Béchu.

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