“Poor man and criminal”: After the publication in News 13 – Bitan attacks Glickman

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Member of Knesset David Bitan (Likud) today (Wednesday) attacked the channel’s lawsuit, Aviad GlickmanIn response to his publication in News 13. In the documentation, MK Bitan was exposed in secret meetings, in which the bribery deals that led to the indictment were allegedly closed. In the conversation cash transfers, secret meetings and incriminating conversations.

The camera captured the two bringing up the names of Albert Bitton and Yitzhak (Tzachi) Jada, who, according to the indictment, transferred bribes to Bitan. In another conversation, Bitan talks about DG, a real estate developer who, according to the indictment, used Bitan’s connections to promote three different projects. In return, DG gave Bitan a deferral in the amount of NIS 285,000, and Bitan asked him for another quarter of a million shekels. The police camera continued to record the meetings for months, and every day Bitan kept coming to the office in the furniture store.

Today, MK Bitan responded by saying that “the mouthpiece of the Channel 13 prosecutor’s office has published a trending and manipulative article. Its whole purpose is to influence public opinion, the judges of the court and the whole legal process and it has the effect of disrupting legal proceedings and breaking the law. I did not commit any crime and did not accept a bribe. Glickman asked for a response an hour before the article was published without even specifying what would be in the article so we also could not respond effectively. The very publication of the trending article makes Glickman a small, miserable and criminal man. “

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As mentioned, last August, the indictment was filed against MK Bitan, who is accused of accepting bribes of hundreds of thousands of shekels in seven different cases, in exchange for benefits he allegedly provided. Bitan is also accused of breach of trust, money laundering and tax offenses.

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