Portland Weather Forecast: Mix of Snow and Rain Sunday and Monday – Unlikely to Stick

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Snow and rain mix expected in Portland area Sunday afternoon and Monday morning

The Portland area is bracing for a mix of snow and rain on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, with the National Weather Service in Gray predicting that any snow that falls is not likely to stick.

According to meteorologist Jon Palmer, the snow and rain mix is expected to start around 1 p.m. on Sunday and continue into the night. The composition of the mix will vary depending on proximity to the coast, with areas closer to the coast, such as Portland and York County, likely experiencing mostly rain. Further inland, Mainers can expect to see a little more snow on the ground.

Palmer also mentioned that Portland’s precipitation is expected to switch to mostly snow after 3 a.m. on Monday morning, but this is not expected to last long. The forecast for the rest of Monday shows mostly rain with potentially some sleet.

While the forecast is described as “very, very tricky” by Palmer, coastal Cumberland and York counties are not expected to see much snow. However, areas closer to Lewiston could see about 3 inches of snow, while further inland towards Rangeley, up to 10 inches of snow could fall.

The upcoming snow and rain mix has local residents and officials keeping a close eye on the forecast to make necessary preparations for the changing weather conditions. As always, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest weather alerts and advisories to ensure everyone’s safety during this time.

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