The fire in the Persia Market

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2023-12-02 02:00:00

It is a property located at 200 Salta Street, with connections to spaces on Junín and Córdoba streets, which occupies the center of the block. Dozens of commercial stalls have been installed there that have operated with variations since 1994 – three decades – when, due to an agreement with the Municipality to resolve the conflicts that arose with the street vendors that filled the streets of the center, this market was enabled. The emergency of the moment gave rise to supposedly temporary solutions that remained permanent. There are owners, tenants, controls that must be carried out by various departments of the municipal administration and precariousness. On Sunday afternoon there was, apparently, an electrical fault that could have occurred due to a precarious cable connection. According to the testimonies collected among the stallholders, the fire would have started as a result of a damage that occurred in a refrigerator located inside a kiosk in the market, which no one noticed even though there is a night watchman in the place. The director of Civil Defense pointed out that due to the size of the place and the number of people who passed through it daily, it should have its own stable fire-fighting system and an evacuation plan in the event of a possible contingency. However, in the more than 100 meters of the warehouse there were only a few fire extinguishers that, according to the stallholders themselves, were not even in a condition to be used. This despite the fact that, according to a stallholder, 15 years ago there was another fire in the sector that connects with the exit on Córdoba Street.

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