PP, Sumar and Podemos ask for explanations for the crisis in the CNI due to the alleged leak of information to the US

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2023-12-05 22:33:31

The investigation opened against two agents of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) for the alleged leak of information to the United States has provoked the immediate reaction of all political parties. “We are facing extremely serious events,” insisted the PP spokesperson in Congress, Miguel Tellado, who has charged against the President of the Government for “compromising the security of our country” and not paying attention to this diplomatic crisis: ” “There is no one at the helm.” The ‘popular’ are asking for explanations and details of a judicial investigation that is open.

The PP asks for explanations

Sources close to the case have confirmed to Antena 3 Noticias that the two suspects were arrested at the end of September. One of them is still in jail; the second is free with charges.

For Sumar, the main person responsible is the United States, hence his demand for more information. Podemos has even requested the appearance of the director of the CNI, Esperanza Casteleiro: “It is always serious for an ally to spy on you, but it is more serious for them to buy security agents from your country so that they can pass on information,” said deputy Javier Sánchez Serna. . In this sense, he leaves the door open for the Government to contact the United States ambassador in Spain.

Internal investigation

It was an internal investigation that set off all the alarms. The CNI itself detected that two of its agents had stolen information classified as confidential. After informing the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police arrested both suspects. Since then the judicial proceedings have been secret.

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There are no details of the type of information they would have sold, nor of the time that the breach was open in the National Intelligence Center; The only thing that Moncloa confirms is that his relationship with the United States is excellent. A particular crisis that the Government tries to downplay to avoid further diplomatic consequences.

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