These are the cheapest gas stations after the drop in gasoline prices

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2023-12-05 14:34:23

In recent weeks, fuels have given consumers a break in recent weeks. This is a decline that is already taking shape in a drop of up to 10%.

This situation is good news for drivers, especially coinciding with these dates when trips increase. He december bridge It is also marked by a special Traffic display. The DGT anticipates that during these holidays the trips on the Spanish road network reach 7,830.00an increase of 17.13% compared to the actual data for 2022.

Those traveling by car during this long weekend will have to refuel. Despite the decrease in fuel prices, many continue to look for the best options to fill the tank without punishing their pockets.

The cheapest gas stations in Spain

However, despite the previous data, in Spain there continue to be notable differences between gas stations. Regarding gasoline, prices range from 0.98 euros per liter to 2.29 euros per liter at the most expensive gas station. Almost a euro and a half difference. As for diesel, prices range from 0.98 to 2.25 euros per liter. The cheapest gas stations are in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, which occupy the first positions. Within the peninsula, some are found in Murcia, La Coruña or Guipúzcoa.

On the interactive map you can find the cost at each of the more than 11,500 service stations in Spain, according to data from December 5, 2023 offered by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge. Scroll the map and zoom to find the cheapest price on the route to your destination.

Murcia, Yecla – 1,329 euros per liter

Murcia, San Javier – 1,339 euros per liter

La Coruña – 1,219 euros liter diesel and 1,339 gasoline

Guipúzcoa, Basalgo – 1,329 euros liter diesel and 1,349 gasoline

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Valencia, Aldaia – 1,327 euros liter diesel and 1,349 gasoline

The cheapest provinces in Spain to refuel

Differences also exist depending on the province in which each one decides to refuel. The average price of gasoline in the Balearic Islands is 1.65 euros per liter, the most expensive in Spain along with Asturias and Guipúzcoa. At the opposite extreme is Melilla with an average gasoline price of 1.20.

Melilla – 1.20 euros per liter

Ceuta – 1.27 euros per liter

Santa Cruz de Tenerife – 1.30 euros per liter

Las Palmas – 1.30 euros per liter

Lleida – 1.52 euros per liter

The average of diesell in the Balearic Islands it stands at 1.63 euros per liter. On the other hand, Melilla at 1.17 euros per liter.

Melilla – 1.17 euros per liter

Ceuta – 1.26 euros per liter

Las Palmas – 1.28 euros per liter

Santa Cruz de Tenerife – 1.29 euros per liter

Murcia – 1.49 euros per liter

In this way, gasoline and diesel are more expensive in the Balearic Islands, Asturias and Guipúzcoa. The cheapest ones, in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Within the peninsula, the Gasoline is cheaper in the provinces of Lérida, Córdoba and Cádiz. Diesel is cheaper in Murcia, Córdoba and Valladolid.

According to data from the European Union’s Oil Bulletin from last week, the price of gasoline has fallen 0.93% chaining a decline of nine consecutive weeks. In the case of dieselthe descent takes place until 1,2% chaining eight descents.

The European Union Oil Bulletin data collected by Europa Press indicate that the price of fuel in Spain is also lower than the EU average, which is 1,693 euros, and the euro zone, where the price is 1,719. euros.

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