President Joe Biden’s fundraising visit to Los Angeles generates protests and praise from Hollywood elites

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Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters in Los Angeles gathered at Holmby Park on Friday to condemn U.S. funding of Israeli military strikes in Gaza as President Joe Biden arrived in the area for a weekend of fundraising. The protesters spoke out against the Biden administration’s continued military aid to Israel. An unlawful assembly and dispersal order were issued by the Los Angeles Police Department, citing protesters’ actions including throwing objects at officers and vehicles. However, no arrests were made, and no officers were injured.

President Biden spoke at a star-studded fundraiser in Holmby Hills, focusing on threats to democracy posed by former President Donald Trump. Biden also highlighted his administration’s economic successes and the confirmation of federal judges. First lady Jill Biden spent the day touring research laboratories at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as part of the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research.

The visit by President Biden to Los Angeles, which included a host of Hollywood’s elite, drew condemnation from Republican Party officials. They criticized Biden for spending time with Hollywood celebrities while ignoring the concerns of ordinary Californians.

President Biden is set to depart Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon after speaking at another fundraiser on Saturday. Melania arrived in the area earlier on Friday after speaking about his “Investing in America Agenda” in Las Vegas.

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