Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth and the double surname for their children: the story-

I’m nothing but a damned amoeba, a bloody amoeba. I am the only man in this country who is not authorized to name his children, with these angry words Philip welcomed, after the honeymoon after the s with Elisabetta, the news that no, his surname could not be passed down in the family. One of the most violent clashes in the house, after the passion and sweetness of the days of great love and marriage in 1947. And the wound of that no hurt him, it hurt him very, very much, his cousin said Patricia Mountbatten who has always had a special feeling with Filippo. IS it was not the Queen’s fault but Churchill’s… I remember hearing the Queen say she was in favor of the Mountbatten-Windsor surname.

The words of Dickie Mountbatten

It all started from a few words too many in freedom spoken by Dickie Mountbatten during a party, in the days of the accession to the throne of the new sovereign, Elizabeth II. Now the time of the House of Mountbatten he would have started without concealing a hint of satisfaction. After all, Uncle Dickie, that for Filippo he was the attentive father he never had, did not hide his pride for that boy as handsome as the sun, brilliant, courageous, who had brought a queen to the altar. One too many toast to the health of the new Mountbatten dynasty.

The reaction of the Queen Mother

That was enough for the voice to be brought back to Queen Mother, Mary, wife of that George V who in 1917 had decided to replace the name of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha with that of Windsor. Always careful to monitor what was happening in the palace, the queen, worried about the unforeseen developments that could take the matter, immediately reported to the secretary of the Prime Minister Churchill, who hastily summoned a cabinet meeting.

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Churchill’s role

Churchill, always ready to intervene decisively in political matters, did not wait a moment. He immediately reported to the young sovereign who, in little more than a month, valued the views of her prime minister and despite the anger of her husband Philip, informed the Privy Council. His decision was made: i descendants would have been called Windsor. And that’s that. With the usual formula: I hereby declare “My Will and Pleasure that I and My children shall be styled and known as the House and Family of Windsor, and that my descendants who marry and their descendants shall bear the name of Windsor. Filippo’s wound bled for years.

Queen Elizabeth II retraces her steps

But the queen was able to remedy, for the love of her Rock, Philip. It is perhaps also explained by this marriage balance to be maintained if, a handful of years after the announcement that her children would be called Windsor and only Windsor, to remedy and find a way to compromise with her husband’s demands – once Churchill and Queen Mary died, who first and vehemently fought against a possible change of surname – Elisabetta partly retraced her steps. Or rather, he agreed, without changing the name of the House of Windsor as his grandfather wanted, that his name was associated with that of her husband and descendants.

The compromise: Mountbatten Windsor

A compromise solution was therefore adopted. Elisabetta had inherited in 1952, succeeding her father George VI and with the coronation in 1953, the title ofHouse of Windsor for its descendants, and by decision of the Privy Council, published in the London Gazette, this name was in fact confirmed for the children of Elizabeth and their direct descendants. With a small but vital concession to her husband Filippo: the surname is changed for the other royal exponents in that of Mountbatten Windsor. In other words, those who have the title and rank of Royal Highness retain the name of Windsor and that is the sons of the sovereign and the sons of sons, the Prince of Wales, her sons and the eldest grandson.

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The death of Prince Philip: insights

Princess Anne’s wedding

Thus, for example, on the eve of Princess Anne’s 1973 wedding, Philip’s uncle is said to have asked Prince Charles – Anna’s brother – to help him circulate the news, taking advantage of the marriage of Anna Mountbatten Windsor, the first in the lineage of Philip and Elizabeth, with the double surname. Today a Mountbatten Windsor is also the little Archie, son of Harry and Meghan.

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