Prof. Salman Zarka: “We are preparing for the fifth wave”

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The corona projector, Prof. Salman Zarka, recently gave a briefing on the Ministry of Health’s assessments of children’s vaccines aged 5-11.

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“Tonight we set off. This is a holiday for children and parents who can protect their children. Indeed, the disease among children is sometimes mild and even asymptomatic, but sometimes it can last as long as memory impairment, insomnia and more. We are already aware of the phenomenon of severe systemic injury. “Several weeks after the illness, even though we did not feel it,” says Prof. Zaka.

The vaccine solves the need for isolation

He added: “Along with protecting children, the vaccine provides an opportunity for a normal life. Many children find it difficult to return to the routine of life because of contact with verified people. The vaccine solves the need for isolation, whether at school or abroad. “In every issue and issue, it is important to make a decision based on a qualified source. It is recommended that you contact the medical and professional staff at the health funds for any questions you may have.”

“In the first stage, we give the vaccines to the health funds and child health centers. We will bring vaccine mobility wherever it is needed. We want to make the vaccines accessible.”

Hanukkah performances

Prof. Zarka commented on the upcoming Hanukkah performances: “Ahead of the Hanukkah performances, we will provide vaccine mobility for all parents who want to take advantage of the holiday and vaccinate their children near the event.”

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“Later we will decide whether recoverers will also need to be vaccinated,” he said. “We are the first in the world for the data after the immunization findings. I call the booster dose ‘the third vaccine’ as part of coordinating expectations.”

“We are launching the operation in three stages: we will start with vaccines at the health funds, then we will bring mobility to the community and the periphery, in the less transparent places that are less available. In the future, we will also make the vaccines available to schools.” The professor has repeatedly emphasized the freedom of decision of parents regarding the vaccination of their children.

Towards another wave of illness?

Prof. Zarqa commented on the increase in the coefficient of infection: “Unfortunately there is a wave 5. We are preparing for a fifth wave. At first we were in Alpha and now we are in the Delta. The best way to deal with this is to get vaccinated and obey the government and health ministry guidelines.”

It will be recalled that this morning about 200 people came in front of the Knesset to demonstrate against the Green Label policy and against vaccinating children.

Demonstration against childhood vaccines (Photo: Knitted)

Among the protesters was former MK Moshe Feiglin who told Srugim that “I am worried about my child. I want him to go my way and not another way, and the state comes and says ‘no, no, from the age of 14 he will decide'”.

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