Progreso agonizingly defeated Albion and will accompany Miramar in the First Division

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2023-11-29 23:55:00

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This Wednesday, Miramar Misiones achieved promotion to the First Division after drawing 1-1 with Sud América, while in the afternoon they were joined by Progreso, which defeated Albion 3-2 and reached 62 points in the Annual Table, taking them out In this way, four difference to Uruguay Montevideo, which lost 2-0 with Tacuarembó.

A goal from Franco López at 90’+7 minutes made Gaucho de Pantanoso achieve promotion to the highest category of Uruguayan football, from which they were relegated in the 2021 season. The last promotion they had was in 2017, to remain four years in A. On the last date they will face Uruguay Montevideo seeking the title.

Celeste from Pueblo Victoria fell during their visit to the Luis Goyenola Stadium and will play playoffs for the third promotion, like Juventud de Las Piedras, which tied 0-0 with Rentistas, a team that would be competing with Oriental de La Paz, but who do not have their place assured. Rampla Juniors is fighting to enter, which has two fewer units.


Miramar Misiones 1-1 South America
Goals: 32′ Ignacio Yepes (MM) and 72′ Franco Posse (S)
Court: Palermo Park

Bella Vista 1-1 Atenas de San Carlos
Goals: 71′ Cristian González (A) and 87′ Juan Chocho (BV)
Field: Cr. Joseph Peter Damiani

Tacuarembó 2-0 Uruguay Montevideo
Goals: 58′ Douglas Bittencourt (T) and 90’+5 Lucas Villalba (T)
Court: Goyenola Stadium

Progress 3-2 Albion
Goals: 13′ Martín Correa (A), 59′ Luis Maldonado (P), 68′ Cristian Franco (A), 89′ Jorge González (P) and 90’+7 Franco López (P)
Court: Abraham Paladino Park

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Rentistas 0-0 Juventud de Las Piedras
Court: Rentistas Complex

Cerrito 2-1 Eastern La Paz
Goals: 66′ Yefferson Moreira (O) and 70′ and 72′ Ramiro Quintana (C)
Court: Palermo Park

Power 1-1 Rampla Juniors
Goals: 16′ Luis Morales (P) and 34′ Matías Núñez (R)
Court: Obdulio Varela Stadium


Miramar Misiones 63 (promoted)
Progress 62 (promoted)
Uruguay Montevideo 56
Youth of Las Piedras 48
Rentiers 46
Eastern La Paz 46
Rampla Juniors 44
Albion 41
Cerrito 41
Tacuarembó 38
Atenas de San Carlos 37
Bella Vista 29
South America 25
Power 21


South America 1,000
Bella Vista 0.935
Power 0.600 (decreased)

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