Public procedure 64/22 to fill the position of deputy director of the Central North Regional Committee (Kfar Saba) (for the election period only)

Assisting the director of the regional election committee in managing, organizing and carrying out the set of actions required to maintain a proper election system in the region, in accordance with the election laws, decisions and instructions of the central committee and the director of the regional committee.

Concentration and coordination between the elements of the Central Election Committee and the regional committee, and between the blocs and the regional committee.

Assisting the director of the committee in all administrative, organizational and operational matters, including: recruitment of regional committee workers and election day workers, their management, and ensuring reports and registration in accordance with the standard and instructions of the Administration and Human Resources Division of the Central Committee.

Concentration and coordination of the work in front of the heads of the blocs and reporting to the director of the committee on the state of preparation, including the status of the location of the polling stations in the area.

Directing and guiding the staff of the committee and supervising their work.

Gathering organizational data of the committee and preparing reports as needed and in accordance with the instructions of the supervisor.

Carrying out additional tasks/assignments as needed and according to the supervisor’s instructions.

Voltage Ratings: 42-44 in the ranking of the Mahr


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