Rabbi to the Pope: “Eighty years later – and we are still talking about genocide”

Rabbi Jacob Bleich, Rabbi of Ukraine met together with representatives of the Council of Religious Organizations in Ukraine with Pope Francis to discuss how to help the Ukrainian people in these difficult days, due to the difficult humanitarian situation in the country following the Russian invasion

On the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day this coming Friday, today (Wednesday) the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Rabbi Jacob Bleich, met with the leader of the Christian world, Pope Francis, to discuss aid to the citizens of Ukraine.

The meeting was held together with all members of the Council of Religious Organizations of Ukraine. One representative from each religion serves on the council, and Judaism is represented by the country’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Bleich.

During the meeting, the religious leaders discussed the question of possible aid to Ukraine, due to the difficult humanitarian situation in the country, due to the Russian invasion. As part of the war, many civilian targets were bombed, and in many areas there are frequent power outages, food shortages, and problems in supplying essential products.

Rabbi Bleich mentioned in his words with the Pope that we are in the days close to International Holocaust Day, eighty years after the terrible war broke out, and we are again discussing genocide – as if the world had learned nothing from the terrible events.

Rabbi Bleich added and noted the destruction of Jewish homes, synagogues and cemeteries in Ukraine these days, eighty years after the Holocaust. Rabbi Bleich called for everything to be done to help the citizens of Ukraine and to act in order to bring an end to the war.


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