Real Madrid-Atalanta 3-1, the last Italian hope in the Champions League is extinguished: Ramos and companions simply superior

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L’Atalanta is out of the Champions League. Italy is practically out of the Champions, already in the second round. The Last Hope (with the Lazio virtually eliminated from Bayern,), the weakest if we look at the palmares, even the most romantic because the Goddess who beats the queen of the cups would have been a wonderful story, goes out in Madrid. Real have an easy game. In the first leg he had won in Bergamo by profession, arbitration favors and controversy. Upon returning home 3-1 is imposed. Simply of superiority.

Yet the inferior Atalanta was not, or tried not to be. After having stood up to confrontation for an entire game outnumbered, has the strength, the personality to play and play the game even in Madrid: even if it is not the Bernabeu but the sports center of Valdedebas it is not worth less. Zidane, who almost mirrors himself, with the three-man defense to face the Nerazzurri line-up, is a bit consecration for this fable of the Italian province. But then not everything is enthusiasm, schemes, ideas, good football. There is also the class, the experience of the champions. IS the inexperience of boys or balloon wingmen catapulted onto the international stage. A kind of pledge to pay, of awe, which the team does not show on the field, but evidently feels inside, if gives away the goal which directs the race with a brandish error inexplicable otherwise. Halfway through the first half, when Gasperini’s gang was quite the masters of the game, he had already come close to scoring with Gosens, he believed in short, it all ends with a simple disengagement from the bottom: Sportiello pass the ball to the opponents, the usual Benzema does not forgive.

The goalkeeper’s blunder it’s a regret, perhaps even more so is the disputed expulsion of Freuler which influenced the first leg and the whole challenge in 180 minutes. Atalanta will have the annoying feeling of having for a long time wasted a unique opportunity against a very strong team but far from the glories of the past. But it is no coincidence that Real has won 13 Champions, has won 12 of the last 13 matches against the Italians, and with Sergio Ramos on the pitch (also decisive this time) he has not lost a direct elimination since 2015. A bit like success in the groups against Inter, habit of Real playing these games simply made a difference. To fill this gap, Gasperini tried them all, even some surprises, leaving out for example Zapata and Ilicic for Malinovsky e Pasalic, demonstrating that the technician does not look anyone in the face. But the choices they didn’t pay and it probably didn’t even depend on those.

After the first half slipped away like this, the result and Gosens’ injury forced Gasperini to fight for everything, with the inclusion of his two stars. But in the open field Vinicius destroyed what remained of Atalanta’s hopes: first he dribbled half a defense and missed the most beautiful, then he got the rigor 2-0: Sergio Ramos closed the game and qualification from the spot. The rest is garbage time, as they call it in basketball, turning them around replacements and actions just to pass the stopwatch. Zapata touches the goal of the flag, Real also risks spreading, Muriel shortens up punishment e Asensio it immediately extinguishes all illusions. It ends 3-1. After the midsummer dream shattered at the last minute with Psg, this time the Champions of Atalanta was a splendid reality, concluded much earlier, already in the second round. The biggest undertaking would be come back immediately. Few Italian teams deserve it more.

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