Requirements to study the baccalaureate online with PILARES

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2023-07-06 23:33:06

The Points of Innovation, Freedom, Art, Education and Knowledge (PILLARS) of the CDMX announced a new call for those interested in taking the baccalaureate online and finish that educational stage so that the citizens of the capital have greater job opportunities.

Through a message posted on their official Twitter account, the authorities of these centers reminded citizens not to miss the opportunity to finish their upper secondary education. It should be remembered that PILLARS were points created by Claudia Sheinbaumformer head of Government of CDMX, to promote education, arts, trades, sports and culture for freein addition to promoting the integration of communities.

In these places, they also offer different courses related to entrepreneurship, health or education with local, national and international experts, since Sheinbaum Pardo had the goal of designing a strategy to promote the development of citizens who seek to improve their living conditions. Here we tell you the requirements to study the baccalaureate online at PILARES.

In PILARES there is support to carry out the studies. Photo: PILLARS CDMX.

Requirements to study high school at PILARES

If you want to be part of the new cycle for study baccalaureate online at PILARES you must have the following requirements:

High school certificate Birth certificate Current official identification CURP Basic management of computer equipment (Word and Excel) Have 24 hours a week for study and attention to time and form in activities

The PILARES study plan was developed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), which consists of 12 subjects designed to study in two years and two months so that the students focus on understanding and analyzing the strengths, problems and challenges of Mexico City.

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During the learning process, the students They have about 140 teachers to advise and support, being an opportunity for young people who cannot go to educational centers at fixed times for various reasons. In the event that they do not have a computer, they can go to the pillar centers to make use of one, during the administration of Claudia Sheinbaum Nearly 300 PILLARS were inaugurated in different CDMX town halls.

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